Jobs In Nonviolent Non-profit

Survivors of abuse are normally left with low self-esteem and little self-confidence. Both of which seriously impact their ability to make decisions or take specific actions to move forward in their lives. Searching for new employment becomes a monumental challenge. Without help, many victims find themselves in demeaning and sometimes violent situations. Once you are a victim of abuse you can only begin a new life with nonviolent surroundings. Finding jobs with adequate wages that are documented as safe places can be challenging. Many communities have come together for just this reason and created organizations to guide people to the best available jobs.

Those Who Know

Abuse comes in many fashions but every form is damaging to the victim. Sexual, physical and mental maltreatment all leave deep scars embedded in the souls of the survivors. Even escaping the act doesn’t stop the rage and distrust created by it and all of this affects your chance of finding a great job. Those who actually succeeded at starting a new life realized the desperate need for expansive resources for job placement. These people formed groups to help victims find jobs, counselling and a new way of living. Having the knowledge that only comes from experience inspired them to become counsellors, police officers and victim advocates. Many victims run abuse shelters and maintain an endless list of safe places to live and work.

Seek And You Shall Find

There is a broad spotlight on domestic violence which is working diligently to reduce the number of disastrous ends associated with leaving the abuser or re-entering the work force. The National Coalition Against Domestic Violence provides abuse shelters that include a huge database for housing, counselling and jobs to aid victims. Often times there are employment opportunities at the shelter itself or in an affiliated program. If you are a victim- even if you didn’t live at a shelter- go to one and ask how and where to find a safe job. Or call the national abuse hotline (1-800-799-SAFE) to find the help you need.

Often, people that escape this traumatic life never want to look back- understandably. But-it is so important to remember what you overcame. It’s necessary to stretch out a helping hand to those just finding the courage to take the same path you just walked. You may get strong enough to open a new non-profit organization to provide more jobs or more safe places to live.

The Effects on Employment

There are businesses that partner with groups fighting domestic violence. These companies are aware of the abusers ability to seek and find their spouses and offer the victims support and safety. They understand the increased absenteeism, the high costs of medical care and the reduction in productivity. Companies that have been educated in the after effects of abuse work with the victims to improve and overcome their feelings of guilt and shame. Some companies like Burger King have taken the lead, offering assistance with employment of victims of domestic abuse. Offering time off for counseling, encouraging them to express their fears to safety groups, and ensuring a source of financial gain all contribute to healing the injured soul.