Jobs For Women Of Abuse

Women escaping domestic abuse are understandably insecure. They are ridden with guilt and shame. Those feelings are normal and just part of the damage they suffer at the hand of their abusers. Counselling helps, there’s no question about that-however finding a job that empowers them is often the best cure of all.

Impactful Jobs

Jobs that allow victims to help people are usually great healers. The police officer that comes to the home of an abuse call understands what is really going on because she once lived there. She can see things that seem unimportant to others and realize how dire the situation really is. The 911 operator that takes that call may make it a higher priority because she too was once a victim. Helping others always makes you feel better about yourself. Not everyone is cut out for that type of employment, but there are many ways to help others. Working in shelters to provide other victims with resources and guidance is a big first step. Starting a day care for children of abused families is crucial to ending the cycle of abuse. You can offer special education help for the mother and the kids to move forward in their lives and raise their self-esteem while working on your own. Evaluate where the greatest need is before you choose your new position in life. Is it in the legal field, can you become a lawyer, maybe, if not you can become a paralegal and offer the legal assistance to your fellow sufferers. You may choose to become a family service specialist that helps others set goals and teaches them how to reach them. You can also consider joining corporation non-profits including Rally’s joint application for employment for victims of domestic violence. Start a hotline service for job placement and educational benefits, or simply start as a volunteer until you are ready to enter the workforce.

Abuse Limited To The Poor

While the impression is that poor women are the ones most often abused, it doesn’t affect just this class of people. There are many well known cases of abuse in wealthy families and that can be more difficult to escape from. The wealthy abuser has power and financial resources to impede the victim’s chance of starting over or getting a job. Some law firms are now targeting the needs of abused women and hire survivors to assist them. They help with the immigration problems that may keep a victim from leaving the situation and even devise methods where clients can receive child support or alimony without being endangered. If you can’t think of one single position that entices you, go online and do a simple job search for ideas. Many agencies now offer jobs specifically for abused women.

Find Your Passion

Ask yourself what you would really like to do with your life-there is no age limit for education. You have an opportunity to become a nurse, a counsellor, a teacher or anything else you want. What will be most rewarding to you will also be of great help to someone else. Don’t live in the shadow of abuse, take control of your life and step over that line of isolation and humiliation. You are a survivor.