Equal Pay for Women

Women are still waiting for The Equal Pay Act from fifty years ago to actually be enforced. Results are hideously low. Since its inception the female to male wage gap has only closed seventeen percent and even those figures are skewed. Part of that is actually because men’s wages dropped and not because women’s were raised. Women have proven repeatedly that they are not the weaker sex. They are not afraid of hard work and they are quite capable of learning.

How Long Will It Take

In 1983 a mere twenty years later it became a requirement for men and women performing the same job to receive the same pay rates. Those who controlled the checkbooks found a way around this too. They simply didn’t permit the advancement of women to administrative positons. Black women had the most experience in the labor force and their chances of advancing into supervisory roles or higher were almost completely blocked. This was especially true for minority women but also affected all races and religions. Since growth in this area of fairness is so slow and has been addressed so often you have to wonder if these prejudices are still intact. Have the owners and corporations found another way to avoid the inevitable? Will women ever be treated as equals?

In today’s world many families are supported entirely by the mother. There are so many men that have decided they don’t want to be the provider and instead become the homemaker or simply do nothing. This isn’t new, this has been going on for many years and the trend is more and more popular it seems. This situation has increased the number of families living on less and the women working harder. Don’t get excited though, that promise of equal pay is coming. The government expects the gap to be closed in Wyoming by 2159 at the longest. The state of Florida is far ahead of that schedule, they expect to close that spread by 2038- some of us might live long enough to see it happen. Of course, those are just projected closures. Wyoming women- guess you better plan on keeping those two jobs for now, but maybe your grandchildren will witness true equality. More corporation should follow the lead of companies like McDonald’s – who started an equal pay McDonald’s online application in 2004.

Current Times

Women have consistently increased their roles in the employment community. There are fewer jobs reserved just for men, including hard physical labor. Police officers, emergency medical technicians, doctors and lawyers- women have not only invaded these positions they have proven to be excellent in their performance. Yet they often are paid less to do the same job. What has to be done to have this act enforced? Should women start their own revolution? Do they have to march in Washington until they recognize their value? Perhaps that is what it will take. When will the government step in and demand what women are entitled to- equal pay for equal work? Not until a strong group of women band together and demand it. That’s when.